The Emergent Landscapes cairn is now installed in the Hooke Park woodland in Dorset, postcode DT8 3PH.

From the main gate, follow the tarmac track a few hundred metres until you reach the first layby on the right (50°47’46.2″N 2°40’25.8″W).

Follow the small path to the right downhill into the beech woods for another two hundred metres or so, until you reach the cairn on your right (50°47’42″N 2°40’37″W).

Cairns are built on collaborative repair. If a slate has slipped off the structure, please feel free to replace it, or add new material from the woodland. Similarly, please do take photographs of the cairn’s development and share them using email or #emergentlandscapes.

In the years to come, it is intended that we collaboratively document how the cairn develops: the organic patterns, colours, faults and discontinuities that may emerge.